Get protection for your car paint job

Get protection for your car paint job
car maintenance
car maintenance
Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to start thinking about getting your car ready for the change in weather. The temperatures are starting to warm up again and the snow is on its way out until next winter. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we want to remind you to protect your car paint job for spring!

Car Paint Job Protection Tips

Every season has different elements that can cause adverse effects to your Charlotte used car. The snow and salt on the roads during the winter months can cause car rust, while the tree sap and falling leaves can become an annoyance during the fall. When it comes to spring, you want to make sure to protect your car paint job from pesky pollen, bothersome bugs, and the sun’s sizzling heat.
The experts at our Charlotte auto body shop is sharing four easy ways to get your car ready for spring and protect your car paint job from the seasonal elements.
Wash your Charlotte used car! After a wintery season, you want to make sure to start fresh in spring. Wash the exterior of your car with soap and warm water to remove dirt and grime. 
  • Make sure to use a clean cloth or sponge that will not scratch your car paint job when washing.
  • Spray the underneath of your Charlotte used car to remove any remaining road salt and sand to prevent car rust.
Remove the bugs! Unfortunately, when bugs become squashed on our hoods and bumpers, they begin to break down. The chemical break down of the bugs can begin to eat away at the paint job of your used car in Charlotte. When you get dead bugs on your car, make sure to wash them off right away!
  • For extra stubborn pests, trying using a damp dryer sheet. A dryer sheet will help remove the bugs from your paint. Be sure to wash the excess soap from the dryer sheets off well.
Apply a coat of wax! When the sun really begins to heat up, car wax will be your car’s only defense against the heat. Keep a good coat of wax on your Charlotte used car to create a barrier between your car paint job and the sun’s rays.
  • Try to park your car somewhere shady! If you don’t have a garage or covered area to park your Charlotte used car in, look for places with some good shade. You may have to walk a little further, but parking your car under a shady tree will protect your paint and even keep the temperature down inside of your car.

Visit our Charlotte auto body shop for car paint repairs

If your car paint job is already damaged from sun, collision, or rust, make an appointment for auto body repairs at our Toyota Certified Collision Center! Our auto body experts will repair your car paint job and have your car looking like new in no time.
For more questions about car paint job protection or repairs, visit us at 13429 Statesville Road!