WBTV Speak Out Editorial: No Teacher Left Behind

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: No Teacher Left Behind

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Finally a proposed state budget all North Carolina teachers can live with.
Governor Roy Cooper has proposed giving teachers a 5 percent raise this year and next year.
And the part we like…if approved.. veteran teachers will also get a raise.
For the past few years teachers with at least 20 years in the classroom have been left out of the equation.

We believe no teacher should be left behind when it comes to a hike in pay.
Everything needs to be done to bring good people into the teaching profession.
And we think better pay will help.

Cooper says if his proposal goes through - North Carolina will be at the top in teacher pay in the Southeastern region and in five years - the governor says our teacher pay will finally reach the national average. It's about time that happens.

We say lawmakers no more time to think about doing the right thing -
The time is now to do the right thing - and that's an increase in pay for all teachers.

If politicians come through for our teachers - we will give them an A for completing a worthwhile assignment.

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