Viral March Madness trick shot was filmed in Charlotte classroom

Viral March Madness trick shot was filmed in Charlotte classroom

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte man is cashing in on March Madness and using his trick shot abilities to go viral.

Samuel Grubbs is no stranger to making videos on social media - he's been doing it for a while and even had pretty good success with the once popular Vine.

Now Grubbs is making videos for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - and it's more than just a passion, it's a job.

"My mom once told me, 'Son, you can't make money on social media' and now I've paid off my student loans with money I made," Grubbs said.

Grubbs' latest video went viral thanks to March Madness and was reposted on ESPN and has been aired on SportsCenter.

"This one has been really exciting," Grubbs said about the viral success of the video. "This one shocked me. I actually took pause and thought 'is this even funny?'"

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The video was shot in a classroom at UNC-Charlotte and shows Grubbs and his friends throwing a paper ball around and landing in a basket across the room.

It was mashed up with audio from "The Shot," a play by Valparaiso University's Crusaders that occurred in the first round of the 1998 NCAA Tournament against the University of Mississippi Rebels.

Grubbs says the video happened after he spent three days working on another trick shot video and decided to try something new with some friends.

And let's be honest - we all know these trick shots are done over and over and over and over again until it actually works. This one was a one-take wonder.

Except the camera wasn't rolling yet.

So, Grubbs and his friends gave it a couple more shots.

Since he makes money and uses these videos as his job, Grubbs said he's kind of a perfectionist about the videos.

"In some videos, I've worked for hours and had to make the shot four or five times, just to get the video right," he said. "If the ball goes out of frame or the lighting is off or the camera angle is weird, I do it again."

Grubbs says he doesn't want anyone to think that the shots, which aren't easy to make, were faked just for the video.

One shot went through so cleanly that the net barely moved, so Grubbs did the video again - just to make sure there were no concerns of faked shots.

Grubbs first got a taste of internet fame when he was a user on Vine. He said he amounted nearly 900 million views on different videos before the app shut down.

His videos are a mix of comedies and trick basketball shots.

"Trick shots are something I've always done as a kid. Everyone can make a three-pointer or a free throw, but who can make a shot over their house?" he asked. "God blessed me with creativity and sports, so I want to use them."

Grubbs is a self-admitted "huge math nerd" and says maybe that helps when planning the shots. He's even incorporated a nerd character into a couple of his videos.

"I know before it gets to the basket if the shot is on the money or not," he said.

Many of his basketball videos are shot at the Concord Baptist Church in Granite Falls. Grubbs says he likes the facility and the people have "always been so good to me."

So... about those trick shots. How many times does it REALLY take?

Grubbs says he's made a couple of the shots on the first time, but it's never been when the camera is rolling. He made one on the second try (with the camera rolling).

As for the future, he's open to see where the videos take him and doesn't want to limit himself. He says he's already making enough money to fully support himself from the videos and he's hoping to fully convince his girlfriend's father, too.

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