Morning Motivation: Broken Crayons still color

Morning Motivation: Broken Crayons still color

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The inevitable will happen while a child is coloring…the crayon will break!

There is a story of a grandmother who was spending time with her two granddaughters. As the girls were coloring one of the girls' favorite crayons broke. The little girl became hysterical.

As she cried, her grandmother began to comfort her by taking both pieces of the crayon, took a blank sheet of paper, and began to draw a picture with one of the broken ends. As she drew a happy face she proclaimed, "Broken crayons can still color."

  1. Life may have broken you but your purpose is still entact.
  2. Don't quit because you're broken…You still have much to offer.
  3. Brokenness doesn't mean you can finish what you started.

You are not done, brokenness is a part of the process.

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