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Recipe: Ernie's whole mojo stuffed fish


Robert Adler of Ernie's Smokehouse BBQ visited Morning Break Monday to share how he makes stuffed Snapper.

Here's his recipe for Whole mojo stuffed fish:

  • Buy your favorite fish. I like fish like snapper or trout for this recipe. They're lighter fish and are great grilled. Get the fish scaled and cleaned but with the head and tail on.
  • Six hours before, cut two slits on the top and bottom of the fish and marinate in mojo.
  • Char mini peppers and make yellow Spanish rice per directions. Rub top and bottom with toasted sesame oil and place a few lemon slices on top and bottom, stuff inside with rice and peppers and tie up with string.
  • Heat grill to 450 degrees. (This is best done on charcoal or wood but it'll still be great on a gas grill. I recommend using a smoker box with apple, cherry or orange wood and soak the chips in some inexpensive white wine. 
  • Rub oil onto the grill and again on the fish before placing on the grill. 
  • Cook for 7-10 minutes and flip making sure to oil the grate before flipping. You can also sprinkle a little wine on the fish while it's cooking. 
  • After another 5-7 minutes the fish is done. 
  • Serve immediately.

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