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Charlotte drivers say too many close calls at confusing light rail crossings

(Christian Flores | WBTV) (Christian Flores | WBTV)

Neighbors who live near light rail crossings say it happens everyday: a driver stops past the crossing arm, but not quite on the tracks, in no man's land.

It's a situation that puts drivers in danger, and neighbors say they've had close calls themselves.

"I came up, and it was a red light, so there's nowhere to stop there, except right on the track," said Jesse Moyer, who lives near the crossing at Clanton Road and South Boulevard.

In a 15-minute span at that crossing, a car got trapped in front of a crossing arm as the light rail sped by. Cars stopped on the tracks, but without the arm going down. Another driver had to back up after stopping past the "stay clear" sign.

Neighbors said drivers constantly get caught like this.

"It's a mess. Here, but it isn't the only intersection there are a lot of intersections like this," Moyer said.

According to CATS officials, in the past nine months, there have been four instances when a light rail train has hit a pedestrian or car. That includes a car hit by the Blue Line on Old Pineville Road back in January.

That Old Pineville Road crossing is another one of those spots with a no man's land between the crossing arm and the track.

CATS officials did not want to comment on safety near the light rail tracks. They said it felt too soon to do so, after a young woman was killed Thursday trying to cross the tracks while the crossing arms were down.

Neighbors told WBTV they'd like to see changes.

"Obviously right now is a little late for a change in design," said Robert McPhall, "but something should be done."

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