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NC basketball fans to NCAA: Bring the games back

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In the month that defines the madness of college basketball, it's rare that Tar Heel and Blue Devil fans will agree on anything.

However, during this tournament they’re on the same page when it comes to moving the games to South Carolina because of North Carolina's House Bill 2.

That's where Duke and UNC are playing.

Patrick Gordon is a Tar Heel fan who grew up in the Charlotte area.

"Being the home boy from North Carolina, I really wish that we had the opportunity to host these NCAA tournament games like we have had in the past,” Gordon said.

Over the next few days, there won’t be a shortage of hospitality in Greenville, South Carolina. And on this Saint Patrick’s Day, businesses are taking their share of green from those who came one state from the north.

So how did it happen?

When Charlotte lost the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, decision makers in the South Carolina upstate community put themselves in a position to seize the moment.

Robin Wright is with Visit Greenville SC.

“We were very proactive in the sense of putting our dates on hold, putting our financials on hold, the hotel, the venue and just being proactive in the sense if it came our way," Wright said.

North Carolina fans do have a message for the state’s politicians and universities.

Bakari Burton said, "It also should be a wake-up call that both sides should sit down and create some type of resolution, because this game shouldn’t be here - it should be in Charlotte or Greensboro.”

Duke fans like Jeff Harwood agree.

“Athletics and sporting events could revisit it as well and make sure the decision of a few politicians don’t affect everyone," he said.

The NCAA brought the games back to South Carolina after the confederate flag was removed from the State House grounds.

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