Stay safe this St. Patrick's Day

Stay safe this St. Patrick's Day
N Charlotte Toyota safe driving
N Charlotte Toyota safe driving
St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17 – are you excited? This holiday is a great day to wear green, celebrate the Irish, and have fun! While you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to keep safety in mind. Toyota of N Charlotte wants to remind you to stay safe and be responsible this St. Patty’s Day!

Toyota of N Charlotte’s tips for a safe St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re going out for green beers and corn beef and cabbage this Friday, our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte wants to remind you how to have fun safely and responsibly.

Think ahead! If you plan on drinking alcohol when you go out, be sure to assign a designated driver. Choose someone that will not drink and will be in charge of safe driving. Selecting a designated driver will ensure the safety of you, your friends, and others out on the road.

Use the buddy system! Find yourself a buddy to stay with while out on the town. If you’re going to be walking around a busy downtown area, or heading to neighborhood block party, make sure to stick with your buddy so you don’t get lost and wander off on your own.
Drink responsibly! While out and about on St. Patrick’s Day, know your limits. Stay hydrated and don’t drink too much.

Holiday safe driving tips

Is St. Patrick’s Day not really something you celebrate? If you’re going to be on the road during St. Patrick’s Day rather than partying, make sure you pay attention on the road. While behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota, practice safe driving on holidays!
Be on lookout for drunk drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone uses a designated driver or calls a cab when they’ve been drinking. Learn how to spot a drunk driver and report them to the police. Look out for signs like swerving, sudden stops, driving at night without headlights, and the inability to maintain a lane. Call the authorities and describe to them the car, the driver, and the direction they are headed.
If you’re faced with heavy traffic on St. Patty’s Day, use defensive driving techniques to keep yourself safe in your N Charlotte Toyota. Leave a safe following distance between your new Toyota near Charlotte and the cars in front of you. This space will allow you to have more reaction time in case a car suddenly stops or gets in your lane.
Be aware of your surroundings when driving through suburban and residential areas. Pay close attention for pedestrians and bicyclists walking or riding in the road. Allow pedestrians to cross and give bicyclists the right of way. Use the backup camera in your N Charlotte Toyota to check for people or cars behind you before reversing.
Avoid distractions. Don’t use your phone or participate in any other distractions while on the road. Keep your phone out of sight when behind the wheel.
Toyota of N Charlotte wishes you a happy St. Patrick’s Day and reminds you to NEVER drink and drive. If you’ve been drinking, call a friend or a cab to get you home safely. For more tips on staying safe this holiday weekend, call us at (888) 883-3797!