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Lanes re-striped on portion of I-77 after confusing week

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation confirmed crews re-striped a two mile stretch of I-77 Friday after a week of confusing lane markers.

The northbound lanes between Sunset Blvd. and W.T. Harris Boulevard were crooked, wide at some points, and limited at other points this week. The problem occurred last Saturday when a contractor was attempting to do a traffic shift.

Drivers this week pointed out that the lanes were very confusing to navigate.

"It is like Mario Cart. The lanes kind of fluctuate. You do not know if they are going to be ten feet wide or 20 feet wide," said one driver.

"Cars were swerving in and out and hitting brakes. The lanes are very confusing and need to be fixed real bad," said another driver.

"I'll come and the lane that used to the be the old lane is gone, and I am over here and it's all zigzag and it is not in order," said a third driver.

NCDOT said the weather over the past week has not allowed them the time needed to fix the issue.

"We have run into several issues with the weather. We had the quick snowstorm last weekend. We have experienced rain and then we had the freezing temps and we can not do this type of work with freezing temps," said Jen Thompson with NCDOT. "It has caused some concern for us from a safety perspective."

Crews spent Friday using a rolling lane closure in order to re-paint the lanes. The work was completed by 1:30 p.m.

"One time is once too many. We will be vigilant that this will not happen again because it is not something that we want to go on for several days," said Thompson.

Thompson said the situation would have been addressed immediately if the weather had permitted.

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