Samantha Busch shares her journey to motherhood

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In part two of our sit-down with Samantha Busch, she shared with us her journey to motherhood and just what it means to give back through the Kyle Busch Foundation, especially the Bundle of Joy Fund.

Samantha, and her husband, Kyle, had trouble conceiving a child on their own, but were able to conceive their son Brexton through IVF at the REACH clinic in Charlotte.

"You're very overwhelmed at that time, you're struggling to have a baby. They're telling you all of the medical stuff that's wrong and on top of that you get a bill for well over $20,000 that insurance doesn't touch," Samantha explained.

Busch also made the brave decision to share her journey for the world to see. Documenting each step of the IVF process on her social media and YouTube Channel.

"When I originally found out we couldn't have children on our own I was very upset and embarrassed, and I didn't really tell anybody. I told a few close friends, it wasn't something you wanted to talk about. The more I thought about it, I thought this is silly - we have this platform and I don't want women to feel how I'm feeling," she said.

After their struggles, they realized that God made them go through that for a reason.

"We prayed about it, Kyle and I talked about it, and we put it out there and it couldn't have gone any better," she said on starting the Bundle of Joy Fund.

They work exclusively with the REACH Fertility Center in Charlotte. There's an application that is available for people considering IVF that need financial help. You can find more information on

When asked what it's like to finally get to do all of the mommy things she had dreamed of she said, "It is the greatest thing, you know to see the world through a child's eyes like we get to now is awesome."

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