Charlotte residents bundle up during March cold spell

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Temperatures in Charlotte dropped into the 20s overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

Nearly everyone walking out and about seemed to be bundled up in uptown Charlotte Tuesday evening.

For some, the cold weather came as an unpleasant surprise.

"I came here for a conference thinking it was gonna be warm, but obviously it's not too warm. It's even cold for me right now," said Tom Menken, a visitor from Chicago.

While some people just had to walk in the cold Tuesday evening, others like Ernesto Aguliar and his colleague needed to work in the chilly temperatures. The two men stood outside of the Epicentre in uptown Charlotte waiting to park cars as valets for Preferred Parking.

"You just gotta put extra layers on really, stay warm," said Aguilar.

Across the city, some people have still been buying ice scrapers and faucet covers at Blackhawk Hardware because of the cold temperatures.

"It's been slow all winter for winter-type items, but then all the sudden we get a big surge for it," said Don Wilkerson, a manager at the store.

Those feeling the most burden during the March cold spell may be Charlotte's homeless community.

"We sleep in a tent out on Brevard and Fifth and it's just too cold to be out in this," said Christie Fisher.

Fisher said she is homeless and dreads the chilly weather whenever it is forecasted.

"I hate it. I hate it. And especially with being homeless you know?"

Fisher said she and her husband hope to move into a home in April.

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