BLOG: Would Duke vs North Carolina in the NCAA title game be good?

BLOG: Would Duke vs North Carolina in the NCAA title game be good?

If Duke and North Carolina meet for the 4th time this season, it would have to take place in the National Championship game.  I for one would NOT like to see that because it would ruin the greatest rivalry in college basketball.

These two titans have already played 3 great games this season and if the meet for all the marbles, there is no doubt it would be a game for the ages.

The reason I would not like to see part 4 is whoever wins this ultimate game would ALWAYS and forever more have bragging rights.  That is unless they met in the title game again in the future and the other team won that championship.

But since these 2 have been playing each other since 1920 and this would be the first time meeting in the National Championship, chances are, this might be the last time they would meet for all the marbles on a national scale.

Just say Duke wins the National Title over Carolina in April.  If the Heels sweep the Blue Devils next season and even beat them in the ACC Tournament in an ultimate 3 game sweep in April 2018, Duke can always say we won the National Championship.  That lessens the sting of losing those 3 and they can dangle that over Carolina's head forever.

That just changes the dynamics of the entire rivalry.

So for me, don't mess up something that is already great.

Duke/Carolina is right there with the Yankees/Red Sox, Auburn/ Alabama football, and Michigan/ Ohio State football for the greatest rivalries in sports.

This game can legitimately happen this season, but I will not be cheering for it to happen.  But if it does, it will be interesting to see it play out not only on April 3rd, but in the future as well.


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