Charlotte area prepares early for snow

Charlotte area prepares early for snow

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With this winter storms in the forecast, road crews were already prepared to work long shifts this weekend.

DOT trucks from Watauga County to Mecklenburg County are standing by to clear the roads of whatever snow falls.

Crews have not been able to put salt brine on the roads yet, however, because the rain in the forecast would wash it away.

Staff members are prepared to work from midnight Sunday until 7 a.m. - at which point they will switch out.

They're also ready to work overnight Sunday into Monday, even though they don't think things will get too bad, with the recent warm weather heating up the ground.

"We think whatever falls is going to melt pretty quickly," said CDOT's Ken Martin.

Neighbors, too, told WBTV they don't think the snow will hit Charlotte too hard.

"I'm not too worried about it, as long as you just stay safe and drive carefully, you should be fine," said Reese Galloway.

CDOT will have 12 trucks and 35 people at the ready.

Drivers said they're confident the roads will be cleared, but are still keeping an eye on things

"I'm just going to keep an eye on the weather, just stay tuned in, make sure the conditions are safe to drive in," Galloway said.

Martin said he hopes all drivers in the area are doing the same, even if it doesn't appear to be dangerous on the roads.

"If you have motorist out there going to early morning services at church, if it's wet, it could be frozen."

Meanwhile at the airport, travelers were also keeping track of the weather conditions, and readied themselves in case they got stuck at Charlotte Douglas.

"I did bring my blanket, and have extra things with me, just in case we're snowed in," said Angelia Dooley, who flew out Saturday.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport officials released the following statement:

The Airport is closely monitoring the weather and is prepared to implement winter preparations if and when needed.  We would encourage customers to check with their airline regarding the status of their flight before coming to the Airport.

There weren't many delays Saturday, but some Dooley said she was worried about the weather elsewhere.

"I'm concerned of where my plane is coming from, if it's coming from the midwest or the northern area, there may be a delay," Dooley said.

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