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2018 Toyota Tundra will come standard with automatic brakes

The new Toyota Tundra will have automatic brakes!

2018 Toyota Tundra near Charlotte 2018 Toyota Tundra near Charlotte
toyota safety systems toyota safety systems

At Toyota, we’re always working toward making our vehicles safer, more convenient, and more efficient. Thanks to new technology and dedicated engineers, Toyota has announced that the 2018 Toyota Tundra will be the first pickup truck with standard automatic emergency brakes. This safety feature will make this N Charlotte Toyota truck even safer for drivers!

What are automatic emergency brakes?

According to the experts at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, automatic emergency brakes combine the use of car brake components, brake controls, and sensors. With these three parts working together, the technology can help prevent collisions.

Using sensors on the front of the N Charlotte Toyota Tundra, the Toyota truck will be able to predict when a collision is about to occur due to the rate of speed you’re traveling compared to the rate of speed the car in front of you is traveling. When the automatic braking system detects an impending collision, it applies the brakes of the vehicle automatically. This means that the 2018 Toyota Tundra will begin to slow down without you having to put your foot on the brake pedal.

It may seem a bit strange, thinking that your car will be making decisions out of your control. However, automatic brakes will help protect you and other drivers on the road. Did you know that 96 people died each day in a motor vehicle crash in 2016? This statistic is scary, and this automatic braking technology can help lower these numbers.
Supposedly this technology will become standard across cars of all makes and models by 2022, but Toyota is getting a jump start by putting it in our 2018 Toyota Tundra near Charlotte.

N Charlotte Toyota safety systems

If you can’t wait until 2018 to get your hands on this technology, then stop by Toyota of N Charlotte and check out our vehicles that come standard and offer Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P). TSS-P is the latest advanced safety system from Toyota. Included in this system are different features: Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Automatic High Beams, and Pre-collision System with Pedestrian Detection.

The pre-collision system uses most of the same technology that the 2018 Toyota Tundra will have for automatic braking. If a pedestrian is detected in front of your N Charlotte Toyota, it will display a notification and give an audible alert. If you don’t react and begin to brake, your N Charlotte Toyota will automatically brake for you to help you avoid a collision with a pedestrian.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is also designed to help you avoid collisions. Using radar and a camera, this safety feature detects the distance between your N Charlotte Toyota and the vehicle ahead of you while using cruise control. If you’re traveling too fast toward the vehicle in front of you, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will adjust your speed accordingly.

As mentioned before, Toyota is always looking for ways to make our cars safer for our drivers. If you’re looking for a ride with top-notch safety technology, stop by our N Charlotte Toyota dealership. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road!

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