Four sisters selflessly caring for elderly woman

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Esther Sondley was doing just fine living on her own, up until about a year ago. Ninety-seven years of living can make it hard to do everything on your own. That's why four sisters have taken it upon themselves to take up the slack.

"Living here alone at 97, she needed some help," said Cyndy Fenninger.

Fenninger and her sisters, Michelle, Diane and Ruth, all take turns taking care of Sondley.

They bring her groceries, take her to appointments, clean her house and fix her meals. Sondley never had any children of her own, so four women committed to caring for her is a God send.

The reason why these women treat her like a mother is because, for much of their childhoods, she was just like a mother.

"She took care of us when we were little and we're just returning all of her love back to her," Diane said.

Sondley was a nanny to the girls as children. They relied on her. They leaned on her when they were sad. She cared for them just like they were born of her own body. That's why it's no secret why they're returning the favor.

"She always looked out for us, now it's our turn to look out for her," Fenninger said.

It's a feeling of love that's almost palpable. And Sondley is quick to let you know it, "These girls love me, I know they do. And I love them."

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