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Lancaster County School District to discuss "The Choking Game" - you're invited

The Pope family. (Courtesy Garrett Pope) The Pope family. (Courtesy Garrett Pope)

Next Tuesday the Lancaster County School District (SC) will publicly address "The Choking Game." You're invited to take part.

Garrett Pope Sr. will be speaking, along with his wife Stacy. Their son, Garrett Pope Jr., died last year "playing" this "game" that's
often called "The Good Kid's High."

It's accidental suicide.

"We hope to educate," Garrett said. "This shouldn't happen to any other family and though it's difficult for us to talk about, we also
know talking and teaching is the best way to stop any other child from dying."

In a family photo, you see Garrett on the far right, his parents and two younger siblings, Molly and Jackson.

Lancaster County says other safety issues will be addressed as well. Again, you're invited and they hope word spreads to all parents
in the area. Details below.

WHO: You
WHAT: Safety forum on "kid" issues, including The Choking Game
WHERE: Indian Land Middle School Warriors
WHEN: Tuesday, March 14th at 7 p.m.
WHY: Because it's important. Children across the country are hearing about this "game" and dying.

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