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Family: Dying man robbed inside Charlotte hospital room

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The family of a man who was dying in a hospital's intensive care unit says someone robbed the man and went on a spending spree with his money.

According to a police report, the robbery happened at Novant's Presbyterian Medical Center last week. The person stole the man's wallet, cash and credit cards along with a ring and chain.

A Facebook post by the man's son-in-law revealed that the 70-year-old Utah man had been in the hospital's intensive care unit for more than two weeks. The post said the items were stolen while the man was on a ventilator.

The ring and necklace were reportedly from the man's great-grandfather and are "very important to the family."

The family said the dying man's credit cards were then used in a spending spree in the Mountain Island area of Mecklenburg County.

The family said someone then spent $191 at a liquor store and used the card at a nearby Circle K and Bojangles.

The man died at the hospital three days after being robbed.

Family members told WBTV police asked them to take down the post on Facebook, which included a possible surveillance photo of a woman who bought alcohol at the ABC store that night, and said they had a person of interest in the case.

An official from Novant Health sent WBTV a statement about the incident and called it "highly unacceptable."

"This incident is highly unacceptable and we are very disappointed that it has occurred in one of our facilities," the statement reads. "We are working closely with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to make sure this incident is thoroughly investigated and the individuals responsible are held accountable."

A woman visiting a loved one in the hospital Wednesday said she wasn't surprised to hear about the incident.

“I actually slept in the waiting room last night and slept on top of my purse so yeah I keep my things close,” said Tamara Mason.

She said the person responsible for the theft should return the wallet and ask for forgiveness.

“It’s sad that someone would take advantage of a family that’s in grief,” said Mason.

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