Children's stolen bikes replaced by police

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - This story begins as one that can steal your faith in people. Last week, Morganton Public Safety Officer Michael Gates responded to a call of a larceny. The loot was the tiny bicycles belonging to two children.

"The mom was really upset," said Officer Gates, "She had just gotten the bikes for the kids for Christmas and she had saved really hard."

Britney Parks wasn't nearly as heartbroken as her two kids, Jacob and Khloe.

Officer Gates could have just taken a larceny report and been on his way. But the officer called a colleague and the two devised a plan to try and raise money to replace what thieves had taken.

A Facebook post was all it took.

"Within an hour, someone had delivered the female's bike to headquarters, exactly like the one she had lost," Gates said.

Another hour and Jacob's bike was replaced too. The officers recorded their visit to take the kids their brand new bikes. That video has been viewed more than 56,000 times on Facebook.

"That's why most of us get into this job is to help our community. And it was just a joy to see our community come together to allow us to facilitate that," Gates said.

The two kids were squealing and smiling from ear to ear. Their mother was just happy to see her faith in people restored, along with her kid's bikes.

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