NC woman wins national cooking contest with Spam

WEDDINGTON, NC (WBTV) - It might seem like an unlikely thought, 'Spam meat product used for a sweet dessert', but Laurie Robertson had a crazy idea and made it good enough for gold.

"I just started coming up with all these ideas for a sweet and savory dish using Spam," Robertson said.

She entered a hand-crafted concoction into the NC State Fair and won a spot at Spam's 'Great American Spam Championships' at the company's headquarters in Minnesota. Out of thousands of entries, she won the top spot.

"I was just in shock," she said of the phone call informing her she won.

Robertson's entry is called 'Hawaiian Spam Crackle', and includes melted butter and brown sugar, saltine crackers, coconut, macadamia nuts and is rounded off with shredded hot and spicy Spam.

It might sound like it doesn't work, but believe us, it actually does.

The saltiness of the cracker blends like magic with the sweetness of the brown sugar and coconut. The Spam adds an interesting spicy touch to the otherwise sweet treat.

Robertson didn't just win bragging rights for her recipe, she's also headed to Hawaii in April as a part of her prize package.

And her big win has inspired her to do big things with her cooking skills. She's now looking at enrolling in cooking school and becoming a caterer.

If making Spam into a tasty dessert is any measure, Robertson has a very successful career ahead of her.

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