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Spring clean your car with car detailing

Get car detailing tips for spring cleaning

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Spring is right around the corner! In preparation for the new season, it’s time to start spring cleaning. After a cold and dreary winter, people like to make a fresh start to the new season by cleaning up their house – and their car! To help you get your ride ready for the spring season, our Charlotte Toyota Service Center has our best car detailing tips for you.

8 Car Detailing Tips for Spring Cleaning

The snow is melting away and the sunshine is starting to make an everyday appearance. Now that spring is sneaking in, get your car looking (and smelling) fresh with car detailing tips and tricks from our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte:

Give the exterior a good rinse, wash, and wax. Throughout winter, your car has been doused with snow, sleet, hail, salt, sand, and all other debris on the road. For spring cleaning, thoroughly wash the exterior of your car to remove dirt and grime. Washing off the salt will also help prevent car rust. Apply a coat of wax to protect your car paint job from debris and the sun.

Clean the wheels. Use a special wheel brush, along with soap and water, to get in between the spokes of your wheels. Scrub off dirt, brake dust, salt, and other grime that has built up over time. For a complete clean, remove the lug nuts and hubcaps and get the dirt off all together.

Wipe the windshields, windows, and mirrors. Enhance your visibility by spraying an ammonia-free glass cleaner on the different pieces of glass on your car. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the dirt and excess spray from the glass. The ammonia-free spray and microfiber cloth will help guarantee a spot-free shine.

Clean out under the hood. Leaves and other debris can find their way under the hood and into the engine bay. Wipe them out or gently use a leaf blower to get junk out from under your hood.

Wipe down the dashboard, console, and vinyl interior. Use automotive interior wipes, available at our Charlotte Toyota Parts Store, or just a damp cloth to wipe down the dust inside your car’s cabin. Removing the dust will help your car look cleaner and you breathe cleaner.

Vacuum the nooks and crannies. There are dozens of small cracks and openings that dirt, sand, crumbs and other messes can make their homes. Use a vacuum to remove these messes from nooks and crannies like your seats, under the seats, in between the seats and center console, in the cup holders, etc.

Clean out your trunk. A lot of junk can just get tossed into the trunk or cargo area, especially in a soggy and cold winter. This spring, take out unnecessary items that are in the trunk. Use a vacuum to clean up sand or messes.

For the final touch on your car spring cleaning, use an air freshener to make your car smell lovely!

Have your car detailed in Charlotte!

If you’re looking to get your car clean, but you don’t have the time, just bring it to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for professional car detailing! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road!

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