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BLOG: Let's just get to the NBA Finals!

Why is the NBA even going to finish this regular season?  Let's just go ahead and skip the first few rounds of the playoffs as well.  I mean we already know which teams are going to be in the NBA Finals.  

It is going to be Warriors vs Cavaliers-- round 3.

With the Charlotte Hornets floundering, I really am not looking forward to the post season. 

And with all the talent that is filtering to the Warriors and Cavaliers after the NBA trade deadline, it is clear that these 2 are getting ready for a late spring time battle for the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

Cleveland just picked up former All Star point guard Deron Williams after he was released by Dallas.  This season, Williams is averaging 13 points and 6 rebounds.  Expect that to go down as he will be coming off the bench but the bottom line is the Cavs now have a high quality point guard coming in with the 2nd unit.  The rich just get richer.

And later today, 76ers big man Andrew Bogut is expected to clear waivers and be released by Philly and guess where he PROBABLY will end up?  Cleveland!  He is also interested in Boston, Houston, and San Antonio.  If he picks Cleveland, that just adds to my point.  Bogut is a great rim protector who can rebound.  The rich get richer.

Oh, Golden State stands to gain as well as guard Jose Calderon is expected to clear waivers and should be released by the Lakers.  His possible landing spot could be with the Warriors.  Calderon isn't a great scorer but he's a very good point guard as he averages 6 assist per game for his career.  So the team with 4 of the top 25 players in the NBA will get another solid piece.  The rich gets richer.

And then there is Knicks guard Brandon Jennings.  He just got released by New York and can sign with anyone.  Jennings is instant offense as he averages 14 points per game for his career.  He is rumored to be going to a contender.

PLEASE let it not be either Cleveland or Golden State!

This is just getting ridiculous!

See you in the NBA Finals NBA...  This is becoming unwatchable...


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