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PHOTOS: Mother, daughter recreate iconic women for Black History Month

Lola dressed as Dr. Mae Jemison (Photo courtesy: Cristi Jones) Lola dressed as Dr. Mae Jemison (Photo courtesy: Cristi Jones)
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Photos of a 5-year-old girl are going viral after she teamed up with her mother to recreated photos of iconic African-American women as a lesson for Black History Month.

Every day in February, Cristi Jones of Kent, Washington has posted a photo of her daughter, Lola, dressed up as an iconic woman in our nation's history.

"I decided to do this because I wanted to empower her and teach her about the contributions black women have made to this country," Jones told WBTV. "She loves to dress up and has an active imagination, so I thought that 'transforming' her into some of these women would engage her and make it fun."

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The photos aren't just about playing dress up and posting creative photos. A lesson comes with each character re-created.

"After recreating the photo, we'd talk about what impact that person has had, highlighting their accomplishments, to make it easy for her to take in," she said. "Sometimes we'd watch a video or documentary, or she'd read a poem by them."

Lola's teacher has even started sharing the photos with her class, teaching them a bit about the person featured.

Jones said the pair has done a photo nearly every day, some days doing more than one photo shoot a day.

The photos are shot and edited on her cell phone, but she had help from a photographer friend, Kayleigh Stefanko Photography, who helped snap a few photos.

"Narrowing the list has been no easy feat. But I wanted to feature diverse backgrounds, fields, and even political views," she said. "Each woman's life has had a lesson I can teach Lola."

Jones told the Huffington Post that Lola’s own wardrobe has been helpful for most of the project, and when it wasn’t Jones turned to her mother’s clothes. 

The duo has also borrowed Jones' husband's glasses and bought a few wigs and hats to find the perfect match.

While Lola is having fun with the project, her mother hopes that the bigger message sticks with the young girl.

"I hope that Lola realizes that, because of the doors opened by those that came before her, she can be or do whatever she puts her mind to," she said. "I also hope she uses these women as inspiration and grows up to help create change."

Jones says 28 days is "not long enough to pay tribute to the number of women who deserve to be honored," so she hopes to continue doing photo shoots with Lola in the future.

They may even do some themed shoots, "like jazz singers, or politicians, or Hollywood."

The photos are going viral, but Lola's mother says she oblivious to how far-reaching her photos, and the message, have traveled.

"She thought it was pretty cool to be in the newspaper, and on tv, but otherwise, she's just a normal, slightly shy, 5-year-old," Jones said.

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