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Expulsion overturned for student who had knife in truck


A South Carolina high school student who was expelled from the Rock Hill School District last month for having a knife in his truck will be allowed back in school, but not the one he was attending.

Chandler Helms, a former Northwestern High School student, was expelled in January after school officials found a four-inch blade knife in the back of his pick-up truck. The truck was parked in the school's parking lot.

Tabatha Pruitt said her son simply forgot the knife was there. Helms says he uses the knife when he goes fishing and hunting with his grandfather.

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The district’s policy states if weapons brought to school are intended to be used to cause bodily harm it will result in expulsion. The weapons include knives, blackjacks, brass knuckles, razors, and more.

Monday night, the Rock Hill School Board ruled that Helms can return to the school district, but must finish his Junior year at an alternative school. Helms will reportedly be able to return to Northwestern High School for his Senior year.

"(I'm) just relieved knowing that he's going to be able to continue his education and with this expulsion lifted he'll be able to carry out his dreams of being in the Coast Guard, in the military, where something like an expulsion on his record could have really hurt his chances," explained Pruitt.

Earlier this month, Pruitt said she was not going to send her son to an alternative school, saying he has "had no problems."

"At least I get to go back to school, finish my education and not graduate a year behind," said Helms.

Monday night, the family said they will probably move him out of the school district.

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