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Police source says shootout in Charlotte on Saturday was a "planned, targeted ambush"


Investigators with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are still piecing together a shoot-out in Charlotte on Saturday that had people in the area ducking for cover. WBTV has learned that police are checking surveillance cameras in the areas of 9th Street and N. Caldwell Street to see if the shooting and the gunmen were caught on camera.  

A police source says at least two vehicles were involved in the shootout, and that it looks to be a "planned, targeted ambush."

Investigators say they don't have any hard evidence but they suspect groups associated with two rappers were involved in the shoot-out, where about 100 rounds were fired.

A police report lists 28 victims, including people whose apartments and vehicles were struck by stray bullets. Police say no one reported any injuries to officers, or sought medical treatment in the area. 

The shooting happened just after 6:30pm on N.Caldwell Street, not far from where crowds were at an event celebrating CIAA.

WBTV has learned that a minivan that crashed at the scene was involved in the shoot-out. A witness told WBTV she saw the person in the minivan run away after the vehicle hit a tree on N.Caldwell. A police source says officers found firearms in the minivan. Investigators don't yet know if the firearms were used in the shootout because several dozen rounds were fired and the department is still running tests. 

WBTV has learned that the minivan is a rental. Police know who they're looking for - but haven't been able to find the person.

Investigators say the two rappers are reportedly locked in an ongoing feud. Police say both were in Charlotte on Saturday, and one was performing nearby.

A source says the same two rappers were linked to a shooting in Charlotte during the 2016 CIAA weekend. 

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