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What you buy isn't always what you get


Jennifer Lasarko was shopping for a dress for a party.  With three boys and a very busy lifestyle, online shopping was the easiest way.

When she came across the vintage black dress on Modlily.com, for only $27, she couldn't pass it up.

"It was cute, it was $27, I needed a fancy dress, so I bought it," she told us.

She had no idea how hard it would be to return a dress that just wasn't what she thought she was getting.

First she waited four weeks for it to arrive. The package in which it arrived didn't look quite right.

"The dress online looked like sturdy material and flowed out and I knew that package was not going to fit that dress," Lasarko said.

What arrived was made of thin material with a ripped hem in one spot. When Lasarko reached out to us she was having trouble getting her money back from the company.

We turned to Tom Bartholomy with the Charlotte chapter of the Better Business Bureau for advice.

"There are some companies, such as Japan or South Korea, with which the BBB has agreements. If one of our citizens has a problem they will work with us and vice-versa to get it resolved.  With China, not so much," Bartholomy said. 

Companies based in China, like Modlily, are tough to reach and that can make refunds near-impossible sometimes. Looking at online reviews you can see many people had similar problems to those Jennifer experience. 

"No matter how enticing it might be, take that step to research. You can visit the BBB website or Google it. Other people are posting their experience online and it is easy to find," Bartholomy said. 

Remember, the dress was $27, and Jennifer like most of us didn't do deep research. She did make a really smart move with how she ordered. She put the dress on her credit card and while Modlily wouldn't make it easy to get her money back, after jumping through a few hoops with her card company's fraud department, they made her whole again.

"In fact, I was about the eighth phone call the card company had for this same company," Jennifer said.

We tried to reach out to Modlily too and found it just as difficult as Jennifer did. It is important to remember that you can't simply trust the reviews on the websites themselves. The companies can and often do populate the sites themselves with positive reviews. Instead, a simple online search will reveal much more.

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