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Family of man accused of killing East Meck High senior say it was self defense

Carlos Olguin (Mecklenburg County Jail) Carlos Olguin (Mecklenburg County Jail)

Carlos Olguin's relatives were in court Friday afternoon when the 22-year-old made his first court appearance after being charged with murder in the death of East Mecklenburg High School student athlete Chris Allen.

Police said the fatal shooting happened at a house party Sunday night after an argument escalated.

"I just wanted to apologize for the family. I wanted them to know that I have not only cried for my brother for what he did but I’ve also cried for them because as a mother I feel their pain and I wouldn’t want nobody to shoot my son as well," Carla Olguin said.

Carla Olguin said Carlos is her younger brother. She and other relatives cried in court when Carlos Olguin was brought in. She said he works two jobs, and that when he went out Sunday night it was the first time in a long time her brother had gone out to hang out with friends. 

Carla Olguin said when her brother shot Allen Sunday night, he fired in self defense.

"I spent all last night crying and like I said it was not just for my brother.  I was feeling the pain of that mother, of their family and I just want them to know they’re in my prayers, and that I’m truly sorry but they also have to understand that their son was in the wrong. And I just need them to understand that – he was in the wrong," she told WBTV after the court hearing.

Some of Carlos Olguin's friends were also in court. They said they wanted to show support. 

"It was self defense," said Scott Penaloza. "They say it was first-degree murder. He ain’t kill him intentionally."

Detectives have not said what the argument was about but friends of Olguin who were at the party say Allen became upset and allegedly beat up one guy then turned on the person who was throwing the party. 

Penaloza said he was at the party. 

"Then he started hitting Luke and choking him and Carlos just shot his gun off," Penaloza said. 

Carla Olguin said her brother was afraid that Allen, a football player, would hurt him. 

"If my brother wouldn’t have stepped in who knows - this guy could have been dead. And he charged at my brother – what’s my brother supposed to do," she said. "I know my brother didn’t kill him intentionally. It was self defense. He felt his life was in danger."

Relatives said Carlos Olguin is licensed to carry a gun. His sister told WBTV that the 22 year old works two jobs. His friends said while he got in trouble as a teen, he turned his life around and stopped hanging out.

"He would always tell us not to do wrong things, to stay out of trouble, just to come over, just hang out. He's not a monster," a friend said.

But for the people who knew and loved Chris Allen, there aren't two sides to the story. Allen's friend Adam July is just glad to see Olguin behind bars. 

“He can’t hurt any more families or hurt anybody anymore. I’m glad my friend Chris will get his justice,” he said. 

Friday afternoon, students held a balloon release on the football field, followed by a vigil at the church next door. East Meck junior, Meredith Mcgarity, says it's been a tough week at school.

“I’m used to seeing him every day in the hallway. And him just not being there anymore is terrible,” she said.

It's difficult to find someone at the school who doesn't speak fondly of Allen.

“He was a great person. He always knew how to make you laugh and make you smile even when you didn’t want to,” Mcgarity said.

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