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Victim claims he shot at suspects after east Charlotte robbery attempt

(Source: Alex Giles) (Source: Alex Giles)

Demetri Saltz said he just wanted to meet someone to sell them an iPhone when he became a robbery victim Wednesday night.

He said he had set up the transaction on the online app OfferUp. Saltz said the meeting happened in a Food Lion parking lot in the 3000 block of the Plaza.

“Apparently a public location doesn’t even stop someone from trying something dangerous,” said Saltz.

He said he met some young men outside of his own truck. When he went to sell the phone, the men offered to give him drugs instead of money. He said he declined the offer, and one of the men pulled a gun on him.

“I was like aww crap, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die,” said Saltz “The first reaction I had was, my gut reaction was go for my gun.”

He said he fired multiple shots from his own semi-automatic pistol and hit one of the men. He said the other men pulled the injured man back to their vehicle, a gold Toyota passenger car.

He said the shooting was necessary given the situation at hand.

“They had intentionally planned to steal from me when they got here and that’s just messed up,” said Saltz.

He said the men drove off and he called 9-1-1 after the incident.

Police officers were spotted on the Food Lion property not long after.

Saltz issued a warning for anyone else looking to make sales to strangers.

“Stay safe on the apps. They’re dangerous. They can be dangerous. Even though it seems legit, sometimes it’s not,” said Demetri Saltz.

Saltz said his gun was taken by police and the phone he was selling was taken during the incident.

The CMPD said they hadn’t had any reports of a man showing up to a local hospital with a gunshot wound in connection to the case.

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