Samantha Busch opens Murph Boutique in grandmother's honor

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - One of the things Samantha Busch is known best for is her fashion on the track, and now she's decided to bring her sense of style to others by opening her own clothing store, Murph Boutique.

"It's been a dream of mine for so long. We launched it on January 26, which would have been my Grandma Murph's 91st birthday. This all in her honor. She was the original fashionista, and she taught me everything I know about fashion and putting stuff together and always being a little over the top," Busch explained.

The best thing about Murph Boutique - it has something to offer for everyone!

"We're 60 dollars and under on most pieces, and most pieces fall in that 30-dollar range," Busch said. "Not only do we have affordable pricing but we have all sizes. We have XS through 3X in most things."

Murph Boutique has been open less than a month and already Busch has received a great response from customers.

"I just really wanted people to embrace it and love it like I do," she said.

The one moment Samantha is waiting for is seeing a fan at a race wearing something from the boutique.

"That's what I'm so excited for! I think it's going to be so awesome to be on pit road to have someone be like I'm here in your clothes and I like them!"

When it comes to what Grandma Murph would think about the boutique named in her honor, "She would love this. She would take me shopping for hours and she would let me go through all of her clothes and jewelry. This would be so her. If she were here today she'd be right there with me shopping and organizing things. She'd be totally hands on."

Of course, I couldn't leave without doing a little shopping of my own. You can do your own shopping by visiting

You can see part 2 of our interview with Samantha, where we discuss her and Kyle's foundation and what it's like to be a mother, on next week's episode of Take 3.

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