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Former Charlotte 49ers' QB Kevin Olsen released on $103,000 bond after rape charges

Kevin Olsen, 22 (Source: Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office) Kevin Olsen, 22 (Source: Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office)
Photo of Kevin Olsen from the Charlotte 49ers football roster Photo of Kevin Olsen from the Charlotte 49ers football roster

A former UNC-Charlotte football team quarterback Kevin Olsen has been released from jail on rape charges Monday afternoon after he was granted a $103,000 bond.

Olsen, 22 was arrested Sunday afternoon on three counts of second-degree forcible rape, assault on a female, second-degree forcible sexual offense, and cyberstalking.

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The victim, a 23-year-old woman Olsen reportedly had an ongoing relationship with, said Olsen sexually assaulted her, resulting in bruises to her face. She said after a Saturday night out, she and Olsen went separate ways and he sent threatening texts to kill her. 

In court Monday morning, the prosecutor in the case said the woman met back up with Olsen and took an Uber home together. She told police that he was upset with what happened and also upset about things happening in his life. She said he went into a bathroom and put a phone charger against his neck and threatened to kill himself. The woman told police she was able to talk him down.

She told officers that Olsen then came into the bedroom and wanted to have sex, but she reportedly said no. She told officers that Olsen then raped her three separate times. Olsen's defense attorney denies the accusations.

According to the police report, the assault happened between 3:30 and 4 a.m. Sunday at a home in the Old Stone Crossing neighborhood, located off campus on Silversword Drive. 

The victim was hospitalized at University Hospital with scratches and bruises. 

According to jail records, Olsen was released late Monday afternoon.

UNC-Charlotte said in a statement that Olsen has been suspended from Charlotte Athletics and the university is reviewing the case consistent with its disciplinary procedures.

The university says the alleged incident appears to involve sexual assault within an existing relationship.

Olsen signed with the 49ers in December of 2015. He was considered a standout quarterback coming out of high school and was heavily recruited.

He began his college football career at the University of Miami but left after multiple suspensions. CBS Sports reported Olsen was also dismissed from Towson University in Maryland after violating team rules. He transferred to Riverside City College in California, then came to Charlotte.

“Everyone can learn from a mistake,” said UNC-Charlotte student Pamela Becker on whether Olsen should have been recruited after previous problems. “But each mistake has their own consequences. If you rape someone, there’s a heavy consequence that comes with it,” she said.

Other female students echoed her sentiment. “Providing him with another chance is how our society should be. You should be compassionate,” said student Geraldine Abinader. She said it’s important to have trust that people will do better with support, as Olsen has with family living nearby.

Olsen is the younger brother of Carolina Panthers' TE Greg Olsen.

Steven Drummond, Director of Communications for the Carolina Panthers, said Olsen’s older brother had nothing to say at this time. "Greg has no comment & asks that people respect his privacy," said Drummond.

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