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Harry Jones 'calling' to help others fight same cancer that took his life

(Photo courtesy the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network) (Photo courtesy the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network)

I’ve known Harry Jones, the county manager, for all the years he worked in public service. But it was the Harry Jones I met while at Purple Stride, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s 5K this fall, who left me in awe.

Mr. Jones told me that day, “I’m doing alright. I’m exactly where I need to be.”

He was making his way onto the stage, he needed a cane to steady himself. But Harry Jones’ body might have crumbled under the devastating disease that is pancreatic cancer that took his life, on February 15, 2017, but it was how he lived his life after diagnosis that shows the true character of the man.

“Harry gave a strong voice to pancreatic cancer across the Charlotte region. He used his voice to give hope to so many impacted by this disease,” Mark Weber, Media Relations Chair for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Charlotte affiliate, said of Jones’ passing.

“We will continue to tell his story in honor of his memory and his passion for fighting this disease,” Weber said.

When Harry Jones was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he confided in those he met at PANCAN that he felt certain this disease had brought him to a true "calling," as he described it to Weber.

“He felt this was his destiny to provide support to others. He felt it was a part of his journey to lift others up. Because this disease has such grim statistics, Harry was a one-man support network,” Weber said.

Weber says Jones would be on the phone all day, offering others the encouragement they needed to keep fighting. Jones gave the PANCAN Charlotte affiliate his time, and the treasure of his testimony.

“He was at the epicenter as a motivational coach, if you will, for these other patients and he took that on upon himself. He felt he had a calling to provide that support. There are not a lot of support groups for pancreatic cancer patients. Harry filled a very important void,” Weber told me today.

If you would like to help the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Charlotte Affiliate continue to help those fighting pancreatic cancer, click here.

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