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Dad accused of plotting son's kidnapping from Iredell Co. arrested in MA

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A man police say planned a plot to kidnap his son from Iredell County has been arrested in Massachusetts after investigators found his son inside a van in Virginia with his alleged kidnappers.

Rickey David Thomas Jr turned himself into police in South Hadley, Massachusetts Wednesday night, according to police there.

The incident started Wednesday when Iredell County deputies were called to the area of West Iredell Circle, in western Iredell County, for a possible kidnapping. Someone called 911 after they saw four or five people in a blue mini-van and a brown SUV taking the boy by force at the house next door, according to the report.

The caller told deputies the people "put some type of restraints on the juvenile and forced him into the van, then drove away toward Old Mountain Rd." The caller said they could hear the victim yelling at the people to let go of him.

According to investigators, Thomas - the boy's father - had gone to West Iredell High School earlier in the day with four other people trying to locate the boy.

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The van was stopped by Virginia State Police and investigators found the boy inside. The four people in the van were arrested and charged in the case.

After interviewing the group, investigators determined Thomas had "hired a transport company to forcefully take his son away from family members in Iredell and take him back to Massachusetts." 

Deputies said the hired transport personnel, along with Thomas, forced their way into the boy’s home. Once he was restrained, the report states, "it appears the father left for the airport leaving his child with the others to drive back to Massachusetts."

Virginia authorities reportedly found plastic zip ties inside the mini-van that are believed to have been used restrain the boy.

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The four people in the van - Lorraine Colpitts, Michael Warman, Tony Winslow, and Mickey Mitton - are all charged with felony restraint and felony breaking and entering.

Thomas later turned himself in to police in South Hadley, MA, where he lives. He was reportedly held overnight and arraigned in court Thursday morning. He was wanted on warrants for conspiracy to commit felony restraint and felony breaking and entering.

“So you wouldn't think you couldn't leave your 17-year-old home for a few hours by himself. This has been a nightmare,” said Candace Mayberry. “I'm scared. I'm literally scared to death.”

The other four people arrested are facing extradition back to NC to face their charges.

“He tried to come last summer and tried to take my son. The cops came and I told them I've had custody with Colby,” said Mayberry. “He's got bruises everywhere. When I saw that I broke down.”

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