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Morning Motivation: Don't Stop

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So much is on the line. We have many reasons to quit, especially when life does not seems to go our way.

Many of view quitting as relief, aiding us to escape the trauma of issues going wrong, that we never tend to finish what we started.

Today I want to urge you, encourage you, not to stop doing what you are good at doing. If this is you, a person flirting with the idea of not finishing, hopefully, these four reminders will keep you moving forward:

  • Seasons bring different challenges but remind you of the seasons you've won
  • Timing is your opportunity to create the game-plan of a lifetime.
  • Opportunities will never create themselves... You must create them. 
  • Persistence is the fuel of dream fulfillment. 

Regardless of how easy it may seem, never stop...keep moving. You will win!

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