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Think this winter has been warm? You're correct!


On Sunday, we hit 80°! We broke a record… and all ran around outside in shorts and flip-flops! What else are you going to do when it’s 80° in February?

I decided to look back at the month of February and here’s the break-down. We’ve had highs in the…

  • 80s once
  • 70s 3 times
  • 60s 5 times
  • 50s 2 times
  • 40s once
  • …no highs below 40!

Then I looked back through January and the first half of February. I knew it had been warm but I didn’t realize we had been at or below average only 11 times. That means we were above average 33 times!

What are things typically like this time of year? Let’s look at Valentine’s Day – since that’s tomorrow.

The averages at the Charlotte airport on February 14 are - Low: 32° High: 55°

Tomorrow’s low should be 34°, with a high of 62° Last year, the low was 19°, with a high of 30° - good day to cuddle with your Valentine!

  • 2015 – Low: 23°  High: 56°
  • 2014 – Low: 30°  High: 53° Of course, on February 11-13, we had 8.4” snow.
  • 2013 – Low: 27°  High: 52°
  • 2012 – Low: 33°  High: 54°

Interesting how Valentine’s Day has been pretty average and uneventful around here in the past five years. Here’s wishing you an eventful Valentine’s Day – because you have an awesome Valentine and not because of the weather!

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