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Noise from construction on I-77 leading to restless nights for some


Sounds of progress are depriving people of their well-deserved rest on Charlotte's northwest side.

Joretta Lawrence has lived along Whisnant Street for nearly 20 years, but as Charlotte grows she says people on this block are the unseen casualties.

The disruptive noise comes from the construction connected to improvements along Oaklawn Avenue.

Much of the work on the toll lane project is carried out under the cover of darkness, and Joretta Lawrence said jack hammers and the constant sound of moving trucks also add to her stress.

"They're using dynamite,” she said."I can't go to sleep at 3 a.m. and get back up at 5:30 a.m. to get a child off to school. By me not having adequate rest, my blood pressure has shot up.”

Jean Leier is the spokesperson for I-77 Mobility Partners.

That's the outfit behind the widening plan that appears to be denying some near the work zone the right amount of shut-eye.

"What they're doing right now in the Oaklawn Avenue is they're rebuilding a bridge. We have to do the construction at night and we do that on the weekends only to mitigate as much we possibly can," Leier said.

Several doors down, Eugene Garritt worries about his neighbors - senior citizens with physical challenges.

"They have hearing aids. They have hearing problems," he said. "It kind of like messes with them a lot."

"We have not heard from anybody here, in this office, since demo first started this weekend," Leier said.

However, Joretta Lawrence reportedly called 911 complaining workers are violating the local noise ordinance but CMPD couldn't give her a satisfactory answer. Meanwhile, she has a strong message for state transportation officials.

"I want them to come and sleep in my bedroom one night," Lawrence said.

Late Monday afternoon, I-77 mobility partners issued a statement connected with the noise.

It said the hammering on the bridge, which is the loudest activity in the demolition process, was completed last weekend on the northwest corner of the bridge. Crews will be completing activities on the northwest corner this weekend, but no more hammering since that is complete. The lead contractor is following the state specifications and guidelines, and working within the timeframes that are allowed by the state.

Construction on the project is expected to be completed by 2019.

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