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Change your windshield wiper blades yourself!

Learn how to change your windshield wiper blades

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As winter is transitioning into spring, it’s time to take steps to get ready for the season. As we all know, with the start of spring comes rain! When spring showers start to interrupt your drive to work or home, it’s important to be prepared with quality windshield wiper blades. If your windshield wiper blades have dried out, cracked, or broken during the winter, you’ll be left with minimum visibility during those April showers. To help you save some money, Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing tips on how to change windshield wiper blades yourself!

Do you need new windshield wiper blades?

Before you take time to purchase and replace your wiper blades, you should first make sure that you do need them! Signs that you need new wiper blades include:

  • Streak marks. If your wiper blades are leaving streak marks on the glass, it’s time to replace them. Streaks hinder your visibility, making it difficult to perform safe driving in rain.
  • The rubber is broken or falling off. After long periods of time or intense weather, your blades can begin to fall apart.
  • Squealing, squeaking, or skipping when they move across the windshield. Working windshield wiper blades shouldn’t make any noise. If you’re hearing squeaking or the blades hop across the glass, it’s time for replacements.
  • Smearing water around. A windshield wiper blade’s job is clear water off of the glass and out of your line of sight. If your blades are just smearing the water around, they are due for replacement.

Replace wiper blades easily with Charlotte Toyota Service tips

If you’re determined that your windshield wiper blades need to be replaced, it’s something that you can easily do yourself – no automotive experience required! After purchasing new wiper blades in Charlotte that are correct for your car:

  1. Pull up both windshield wipers and turn the blade perpendicular to the arm so that the tab is visible.
  2. Pull the tab until you hear a snap, and then put the wiper back down on the car.
  3. Remove the blade from the arm.
  4. Insert the new wiper blade on the arm, placing it in the correct hole and putting the clip of the edge.
  5. Push the blade in until you hear the snap, and voila!
  6. Repeat these five steps for the next windshield wiper blade.

Our Charlotte auto service techs recommend giving your wiper blades a quick inspection once a month to make sure they are still in good condition. Check the arms for any rusting or breaks.

Changing your wiper blades yourself is a great way to save time and money! There are other easy DIY auto services and auto repairs that can save you money, like:

However, if your car is in need of other auto services, you can bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center to have everything taken care of for you! Our Charlotte Toyota service techs can replace your wiper blades for you. To make an appointment, call us at (888) 378-1214!

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