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Former school employee speaks out about her attackers' court case

Screenshot of video from inside a Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school Screenshot of video from inside a Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school

Former Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (CMS) Behavior Modification Technician Annette Albright is speaking out after the court case ended for two students who were charged with assaulting her.

Honesty Williams and Camonte Barnes, both students at Harding University High School, were charged with assaulting and striking Albright.

Judge Karen Eady-Williams heard both cases and found Williams not guilty of assault and Barnes guilty. Barnes has to do community service, write an apology letter to Albright, and other essays as his punishment. Albright is concerned the students got off the hook.

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"We're not talking about very young students who do not know right from wrong," Albright said. "These students absolutely know right from wrong, and at some point, they are going to be held accountable for their behavior."

Albright says the students called her names and then attacked her. It was all caught on cell phone video and campus surveillance cameras. She still can't believe it happened.

"I worked at the Department of Corrections for 14 years, worked inside a men's prison and never had anyone lay a hand on me," she said. "And then I go to a high school and I am assaulted by teenagers,"

WBTV has obtained the surveillance video from inside the school the day of the attack. The video was used as evidence in the court case.

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"It brings back some bad memories," Albright said. "I have never been in a fight in my life."

During the court case, Albright was disturbed at what the judge said. The comment was made that in this day and time school workers should not be surprised to be called derogatory names. Albright thought that was disrespectful.

"Yes a child might say it - a student might say it, but it also comes with consequences," Albright said. "I think now we are lowering the standards so that we are saying 'yes - ok that's what students do.' And the more leverage you give a student the more they will take."

Judge Eady-Williams said her mother was a teacher and before becoming a judge she wanted to become a teacher, too. She says she would never agree teachers should be called names, she was telling the courtroom that you shouldn't be surprised if it happened.

Albright now wants to use her violent assault to help others. She said since the attack she has been contacted by other school workers around the country who have been attacked by students. She believes school districts need to address school employees getting assaulted while in the classroom.

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"I am hoping to use this as a platform to help implement change," Albright said. "And show that change is needed."

She is currently waiting to hear from the Department of Labor to see if she a case to sue CMS on the grounds of retaliatory termination.

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