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Police: Tax documents, checks from dozens of people found in woman's car

Lisa Swinson, 40 (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police) Lisa Swinson, 40 (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)
Photo of Swinson's car (Photo provided by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police) Photo of Swinson's car (Photo provided by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)

A woman charged with breaking into at least four homes was found with hundreds of pieces of mail, including tax documents and bank information for dozens of people.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, officers arrested Lisa Swinson, 40, with breaking into four homes Tuesday. While they were investigating, investigators say they found about 500 pieces of mail addressed to other people inside Swinson's car.

According to police, the mail belonged to between 75 and 100 people.

"We found several pieces of mail, probably about 500 pieces of mail,“ said Captain Nelson Bowling.

"It included approximately 60 tax-related documents from 2016 year- end including W2s, 10-99s, and 10-98s," officials said in a statement. "In addition to the mail, several credit cards and bank-issued checks were located."

According to police, officers are contacting the rightful owners of the mail and believes most of the people do not know that they had been a victim of mail theft.

Residents like Steve Nesbit on Valley Haven Drive - where some of the thefts happened - said Swinson had been on their radar for a while through the website nextdoor.com.

"The person that was arrested for the break-ins, they had been reporting as committed mail thefts," Nesbit said. "Listed her address, her Facebook page."

Police said Swinson had tax documents and credit cards that could put some families in financial ruins. 

"The information Miss Swinson had would have been instrumental in identity theft," said Lt. Tom Barry, who handles fraud cases for CMPD.

Shawn McAllister, another Stonehaven resident, was stunned.

"I'm just surprised that somebody would have the gall to go into somebody’s mail box. It's just crazy," McAllister said.

Police aren’t sure how long it will take to return all the mail.

Swinson is charged with five counts of breaking and entering, two counts of misdemeanor larceny, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and once count each of possession of stolen goods, carrying a concealed weapon, Possession of PDPV (bath salts), heroin, marijuana, and schedule IV controlled substances.

Police anticipate obtaining numerous mail-theft related warrants on Swinson. The Postal Inspector’s Office and CMPD’s Financial Crimes Unit are also involved in the investigation.

The postal inspector told reporters that for tampering with the mail in this case, Swinson could face $250,000 in fines along with five years in jail.

Anyone with additional information concerning these cases or the suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim should call 311 to file a report.

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