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Judges block North Carolina law limiting governor's powers

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A North Carolina court has temporarily blocked a state law passed by the GOP-controlled legislature that strips the Democratic governor of his some of his powers.

The law required Senate confirmation for the governor's Cabinet members, which previous governors have not needed. The law was approved in December, just two weeks before Roy Cooper took over as governor.

A three-judge panel released the order Wednesday, just before state senators scheduled a hearing with the secretary of Cooper's veterans' affairs department to come before a committee to answer questions.

"Our office has received word that our side has been granted a temporary restraining order for today’s hearing," Cooper's press secretary Ford Porter said Wednesday morning. "On Friday, judges will hear a motion for a preliminary injunction to essentially hold off on this process until the full trial, which is scheduled for March 7th."

Porter also sent a statement from Governor Cooper to the media.

“We need to put these partisan confirmation games behind us and get on with repealing HB2, raising teacher pay and getting better jobs for North Carolinians," Cooper said. "The court is absolutely correct in their decision and should not be intimidated by threats from legislative leaders.”

Republican lawmakers say the state Constitution gives the senators "advice and consent" powers over gubernatorial appointments. Cooper says the law is unconstitutional.

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