Visit our Toyota Service Center for the next six weeks of winter!

Visit our Toyota Service Center for the next six weeks of winter!
Toyota Service tips
Toyota Service tips
On Thursday, Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow and saw his shadow! According to this Groundhog Day tradition, we’re in store for six more weeks of winter. For most, this isn’t the forecast that was hoped for. If you’re one who was wishing for a quick start to spring, Toyota of N Charlotte has tips to help you push through the next six weeks!

6 Toyota Service Tips for 6 Weeks of Winter

Warm weather is right around the corner, but maybe not as soon as you were originally hoping. According to Punxsutawney Phil, the cold temperatures are going to be around for another month and half. This may seem like a long time, but our Charlotte Toyota Service Center has tips to help you get through the rest of winter and get ready for spring!
If you’re looking to distract yourself from the six week forecast given to us on Groundhog Day, start getting your car ready for spring with Charlotte Toyota Service! In preparation for warmer weather and spring showers, bring your car in for auto services like:
1.    Oil change – cold weather can cause the motor oil in your car’s engine to thicken. Dump your old oil and get a cheap oil change in Charlotte. A fresh oil change will help keep your car running strong throughout the rest of winter and into spring.
2.    Brake service – if you spent a lot of time on your brakes in winter, bring your car in for a brake inspection. A lot of wear on your brakes could mean it’s time for brake pad replacements!
3.    Windshield wiper replacement – when the spring showers come, it’s important to be ready with new windshield wipers. Snow and cold weather can cause your windshield wipers to rust, break, and stop working correctly.
4.    Car tire check – Low temperatures cause low tire pressure. When the weather gets cold, your tire pressure gets low. Have your tire pressure checked at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte to prevent a blowout. You should also have the tread depth checked to ensure they are not too worn down and ready for replacement.
5.    Car battery test –cold weather makes it hard for your car battery to turn your car on. If the winter weather has drained your battery, have it tested before spring arrives to make sure it won’t leave you stuck or stranded.
6.    Car rust inspection – after months of driving over snow and salt, your car can easily fall victim to rust. In addition to routine washes, have your car thoroughly inspected for rust at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center.

Make your ride feel fresh with Charlotte car detailing!

You can get a head start on spring cleaning with car detailing in Charlotte. Our Toyota Service Center offers expert car detailing services so you can get your car looking like new again for the new season. Our auto detailing experts vacuum and wipe down the entire interior, in addition to washing the exterior.
Are you ready to kick start spring with Toyota service? Call us at (888) 378-1214 to make an appointment at our auto service center in Charlotte!