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BLOG: What are you doing NFL? #WPMOY Should've been 3-way Tie.

(Credit: Carolina Panthers | Twitter) (Credit: Carolina Panthers | Twitter)

Larry Fitzgerald and Eli Manning won Walter Payton Man of the Year last night. A tie.

Carolina Panthers put out a picture of Greg Olsen afterward, saying how proud they are. As they should be. As we all are. It's a perfect photo. And no matter who took the title, Receptions for Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation had already won. Absolutely.

But come on. All three men were finalists for a reason. If you're choosing one... fine. We all understand competitions. SomeONE has to win. But if you're choosing two, why not just make it a 3-way tie?? Didn't like that, NFL.

Even if it had been Greg and Larry or Greg and Eli, I would've felt the same about the deserving man not named. It just felt odd.

Greg, of course, quickly said how much he respects Eli and Larry and how he and wife Kara will continue doing the work they've been doing.

Sounds like he'll just #KeepPounding.

#88. True class act.


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