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Blog: Extreme Super Bowl weather

Pontiac Silverdome (source: Wikimedia Commons) Pontiac Silverdome (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Over the past five decades of the Super Bowl, almost all games (33/50) have been played outdoors, and in a wide range of temperatures. The Big Game is typically (but not always!) held in a "warm weather" city, so weather is not usually an issue, but there have been a few "cold weather" cities to host the game as well.

So, we'll start with the cold. The coldest game-day with a high of 16° (!!!!) was played in Pontiac, MI on January 24, 1982, when .3" of snow also fell. Fortunately, that game was played indoors; the coldest non-dome game was 43° in 1972 in New Orleans. 

The snowiest game was also in Michigan, but this one in Detroit. On February 5, 2006, 1.1" fell, which holds the record for most snowfall for any Super Bowl day. The temperature was 26°. That and the 1982 game are the only two Super Bowls to have snow on game day. However, in 2000, an ice storm in Atlanta brought .25" to .50" of ice. 

Now, on to the warm games! 82° holds the record for warmest Super Bowl day, which was actually reached twice. Once in 1973 in Los Angeles, then again in 2003 in San Diego. The wettest Super Bowl was in 2007 (Miami) when .92" of rain fell. Overall, 18 of 50 Bowls have had a trace or more of rain.

Last year's game with the Panthers (are we ready to talk about that yet?) was Chamber-of-Commerce weather in Santa Clara, with a light breeze and a high of 76°. The temps in Houston this evening will also be in the 70s, but with clouds and a slight chance of a shower. 

And now the only question that remains is: Patriots or Falcons?

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