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The Best Cold Weather Car Hacks

Win at Winter with Cold Weather Car Hacks

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Are you tired of this winter weather yet? It can be frustrating to walk out of your door in the morning and see your N Charlotte Toyota covered in snow and ice. Seeing this, you know you automatically have to add 10 to 15 minutes to your time until you get to work because you’re going to have to remove the snow and melt the ice before you can get your N Charlotte Toyota moving. If you’re looking for some help with dealing with winter weather, Toyota of N Charlotte has cold weather car hacks!

7 N Charlotte Toyota Car Hacks

Snow and ice can put a damper on the start of your day, but Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help make it easier by sharing some winter car hacks, like:

  • Park your car facing east. Putting your N Charlotte Toyota in this position will allow the sun to start melting the snow and ice as it rises, making it less work for you!
  • Place plastic freezer bags over your side mirrors. Covering your mirrors will help keep snow and ice from covering them overnight. The bags are easy to remove and you won’t have to remember to clear off your mirrors before you begin driving.
  • Prop up your windshield wipers and put socks over them. Place a sock over your wiper blades keeps them from getting covered in snow and frozen to the windshield.
  • Fill a sock with kitty litter to stop a foggy windshield. Place the litter-filled sock in your cup holder, and the kitty litter will absorb the moisture in the air, reducing the fog on your windshield.
  • Use hand sanitizer to melt the ice on the door locks. The alcohol in the sanitizer will break down the ice over the locks, so you can unlock your doors quickly and easily.
  • Pour vinegar and water on your windshield to de-ice it. This, however, does not always completely de-ice it. Try using windshield de-icer from our N Charlotte Toyota Parts Store instead!
  • If you get stuck in snow or on ice, put down kitty litter underneath your tires to help your N Charlotte Toyota gain traction again. If you don’t have spare kitty litter in your trunk, use the floor mats from your N Charlotte Toyota under the tires.

Safe Driving in Winter

If you’re new to the snow, those winter car hacks were probably very helpful! You also may not know how to handle your N Charlotte Toyota in the slippery conditions like snow and ice. When driving in snow, it’s important to remember these safe driving tips:

  • Drive slow. Keep your speed slow to reduce the chance of loss of control. The faster you drive, the less contact your tires have with the ground – making it harder to keep traction.
  • Don’t slam on the brakes. If you can, avoid sudden braking because this could cause your tires to lock up and make your car slide.
  • Leave distance. Keep a safe following space between your car and the cars in front of you. This allows you to have more reaction time.

For more winter car hacks or safe driving tips for the snow, call us at (888) 883-3797!

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