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Keep car rust away with car maintenance tips

4 Ways to Avoid Car Rust

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What a winter we’ve had! Although the temperatures have varied over the past couple of months, it is certain that it has been cold enough for snow and ice. To melt the snow and help cars gain traction on ice, cities and towns cover the streets with road salt. While this is helpful to a driver at the time, the road salt can actually become detrimental to your vehicle. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we want to make sure that you take steps to prevent rust from damaging your car.

4 Ways to Prevent Car Rust

According to our Charlotte Toyota Service technicians, car rust most often occurs when road salt particles nestle their way into the nooks and crannies of your car after an icy winter. Iron oxide, also known as rust, can spread on your car and cause irrevocable damage. Instead of letting your ride fall victim to this particular chemical reaction, use car rust prevention tips from Toyota of N Charlotte!

1.    Avoid puddles and plow trucks. While driving on roads of snow, slush and ice, be sure to avoid any puddles. These small bodies of water can hold more amounts of salt from melted snow. If you’re driving behind a plow truck, you’re driving on fresh layer of road salt.

2.    Wash and wax. Rinse the entirety of your car as often as possible. Use soap and water to remove mud, debris, and salt particles. Don’t forget to rinse the undercarriage of your car thoroughly, as these exposed parts are more susceptible to rusting. Add a layer of wax before and after winter to prevent salt from penetrating the clear coat and car paint job.

3.    Use baking soda. When washing your car, use a tablespoon of baking soda to neutralize the acidic components of salt. Add the baking soda to the soap and water solution used to wash your car.

4.    Inspect. Routinely inspect parts of your car for rust. Look in areas like the door jamb and other parts where different body components meet. Inspect undercarriage auto parts like the muffler, exhaust, coil springs, and frame.

Keep up with Charlotte car maintenance!

Bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center for routine inspections. Our Toyota-trained technicians will give your car a complete examination for rust. 

If your car is already faced with rusting, our Toyota Certified Collision Center in Charlotte does not recommend trying to remove the rust yourself. Our Charlotte auto body shop uses professional equipment and methods to remove car ruse and get your car back in ship shape. For larger spots of rust, our auto body shop techs will buff out the rust, removing the paint and damaged spot from the body. After the rust is removed, our technicians apply primer, a fresh coat of paint, and voila! No more rust and a car that looks like new!

For more help with car rust prevention or removal, visit our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road. We’re located just off of I-77 at exit 23!

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