Baby born at 22 weeks defies the worst odds

Miracle baby survives
(Photo courtesy family)
(Photo courtesy family)

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - When Morgan Crenshaw was 18 weeks into her first pregnancy, doctors told her that her son would very likely not survive.

Crenshaw described the heartbreak of hearing she might lose her baby.

"It's nothing that you did, it's just your body," she said. "It's like the ultimate betrayal."

The mother had a medical condition that wouldn't allow her baby to stay inside her body. But little Sebastian held on until 22 weeks and four days.

Still his chances were grim.

"You have to remain hopeful and you have to pray. And that's what I did," Crenshaw said.

For four months little Sebastian, born at just one pound, stayed in the NICU at Novant Health Hospital in Charlotte. On Friday, January 27, the little guy came home with none of the conditions the doctors expected he might have.


"They thought he would come home on oxygen and possibly with a feeding tube," Crenshaw said. "They thought he might be blind or deaf."

Friday afternoon, he lay bundled in his crib at his home in Rock Hill. After waking from a nap, the little boy opened his eyes to reveal a giant set of baby blues that work just fine.

"It's awesome. It really is. It's awesome. I think he's destined for great things. He has a purpose, he's strong," Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw hopes her son's story of survival will inspire other parents of preemies, never underestimate the might of even the smallest spirits.

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