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BLOG: Tell your kids about 'The Choking Game'

(Source: Family) (Source: Family)
(Source: Family) (Source: Family)

Many of you remember 11-year-old Garrett Pope. He died last year playing "The Choking Game."

I just talked with his parents. They say Garrett's name will not be forgotten inside Indian Land Middle School and Indian Land Elementary School. New books bought from money donated after his death are now in the school library. A sticker is being put on each book.

That is awesome. No doubt.

But it's not enough.

Garrett didn't know the dangers. Didn't know he could kill himself. Didn't realize "The Choking Game" wasn't a game at all. He was young, smart and a really good kid. His parents said there was zero -- ZERO -- concern about suicide (The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office confirms the death was accidental).

Which is why more needs to be done than just donate.

We need to spread the word about "The Choking Game." Parents, yes, but also the schools. This is not something to ignore. Garrett's face is enough explanation as to why.

Garrett and Stacy say they've talked with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and were in fact at a forum Thursday night to help get discussions going. Lancaster County Parks and Recreation is on board too.

They're trying to do SOMETHING.

Feel free to help them along. If you have school-aged kids, ask them if they've heard of "The Choking Game."

If you're not sure what it is, watch the original story I did last year after Garrett died. His parents adamantly wanted you to hear their message. 


After you watch and understand, help spread the word.


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