'Good News' reporter wins coveted award, explains why it's not hers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Last Saturday night was a proud moment for me. I won a Regional EMMY Award for my story, "How a Mammogram May Have Saved My Life."

The three-pound, eleven and a half inch EMMY Award is beautiful. But it is not mine.

It belongs to all the people that helped me share my story.

In November of 2015 I chose to get a mammogram and put it on television. Banita, with Charlotte Radiology, was my technologist. She helped calmed my flailing nerves like a perfect mom. The award belongs to her.

When something didn't look right with my scan, Tonya gave me my second mammogram. And then an ultrasound. The golden statue is hers too.

Dr. Deborah Agisim won her award with compassion and kindness. She's the doctor who shared those paralyzing words, "I am a little suspicious it could be a cancer."

A biopsy found something that looks just like cancer on film, but it wasn't, Dr. Matthew Gromet helped explain why it still had to be removed, "In terms of finding cancer when its removed, in your case it's not a high percentage, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of ten percent, but it's not zero so it needs to be evaluated."

The award is his too.

Katie Robbins, also with Charlotte Radiology helped secure permission to video my whole experience so I could share it. She also became a close friend in the process.

The EMMY belongs to so many people played a part in this story and helped me to tell it while living it.

But more than anybody, it belongs to Angela Webb.

She was the reason I had a mammogram. She was my friend and she died in 2014 after a stage 3 breast cancer moved to her brain. If she would have had a mammogram at age 40, doctors say her life might very well have been saved. She didn't because she was scared.

Angie helped people, it was her life. And when she found out her life would end, the only time she cried was when she considered, her helping people would end too.

This is why I had my mammogram and put it on TV. To show people it's not so awful.

So while she may not be here anymore, she's still helping.

And here's hoping she knows it.

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