'If brains were lard, you couldn't grease a small skillet' NC Senator apologizes for tweet to women marchers

'If brains were lard, you couldn't grease a small skillet' NC Senator apologizes for tweet to women marchers
Senator Joyce Krawiec
Senator Joyce Krawiec
Screenshot of tweet provided to WBTV
Screenshot of tweet provided to WBTV

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (WBTV) - A North Carolina senator has apologized after she tweeted that women who took part in women's marches over the weekend were "crazies."

Senator Joyce Krawiec, a Winston-Salem Republican, tweeted her comments late Monday night on Twitter.

"Message to crazies @ Women's March -- If brains were lard, you couldn't grease a small skillet," she tweeted. "You know who you are."

The tweet was met with backlash online.

"As a North Carolinian and fellow woman, you make me ashamed," one twitter user wrote. "I am so disappointed that you said what you did. Do better."

"You are a public servant! I can't believe how awful & vicious ur comment was," another person wrote. "You are what we teach kids to NOT be- a BULLY."

The tweet was later deleted, but screenshots of the tweet have been floating around online.

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Tuesday morning, Sen. Krawiec sent out a series of tweets apologizing and clarifying her intention.

"I was only speaking of the DC protesters dressed inappropriately and spewing foul language. Disrespecting women. Not representing women," she wrote. "I applaud those women who were there for the cause and were respectful. They know who they are."

An estimated 10,000 people marched through the streets of uptown Charlotte Saturday morning and the the News and Observer is reporting that an estimated 17,000 women, men and children filled the streets of downtown Raleigh Saturday.

"I apologize to those women who marched for right reasons," she continued. "I was only talking about those I described. They didn't speak for all women."

Sen. Krawiec's last tweet of the series said she'd learned a lesson about Twitter in the backlash.

"New twitter user learns. Blog where one can explain. Don't try pithy comments with no rm [sic] for explanation [sic]. I got it," she wrote.

Her account has been active since March 2009 and has tweeted more than 6,600 times.

When WBTV contacted Krawiec she was reportedly "unavailable" but her office passed along a statement from the senator.

"Like many other Americans, I was deeply offended by vulgar language and graphic imagery used by some protesters, Krawiec's statement reads. "I have apologized for the words I used to express those frustrations, which were unfair to the many women who advocated for their beliefs in a respectful way."

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