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Morning Motivation: Inner Whispers: Silencing the voice of negativity

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We all have an inner voice which in many situations overpowers the positive voice within. So many of us are haunted by the voices of our past.

Those voices which tend to arise in our moments of excitement and moments of victory, it's the voice which reminds of past failures, past losses, and past setbacks. This is clearly a voice which speaks from the center of our deepest pain, the prison of defeat.

There are a few ideas I have to help you silence the inner whispers:

  1. Acknowledge where the voice comes from. 
  2. Discern if the voice is accurate and what changes need to be made. 
  3. Awareness...when does the voice arise most and at what event in your life does it arise.

Silence the voice by simply taking away its power. The only way a negative can win is by never confronting it. Positive will win!

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