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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: New Superintendent for CMS

Dr. Clayton Wilcox Dr. Clayton Wilcox


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We finally got a superintendent.

After waiting for more than two years, Charlotte Mecklenburg School board unanimously agreed Dr. Clayton Wilcox is the man for the job.
Wilcox was in town recently to see his future bosses approve his four year contract.
He says it is his desire to fulfill that contract.
We hope so - because CMS is in need of strong, steady, and committed leadership.
In the past five years, Wilcox will be the third person to lead CMS.

It's time to send the message our next CMS superintendent will stay to get the job done.
There is still an achievement gap that needs to close, a new student assignment plan that needs to be created that will benefit all students, school facilities that need attention and other important issues that Wilcox will have to tackle immediately.
We are encouraged Wilcox is hitting the ground running.

While in town to sign his contract, Wilcox connected with some community organizations and says he will be back to continue his listening tour before he starts his job July first.

We say give Wilcox a chance -We will.
Don't crucify him before he starts - We won't
But we will be watching Wilcox to see if he is up for the challenge.

We want to know if his experience, efficiency, and energy will be enough to move the academic needle for all students.
We say welcome to Charlotte Wilcox.
Do what you need to do put CMS on top.
Be Brave.

The teachers, staff, administrators, the community and most importantly the nearly 150,000 students are all counting on you.

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