Car Part FAQS and answers

Car Part FAQS and answers
Toyota car parts
Toyota car parts
When it comes to knowing the inner workings of your car, a lot of drivers don’t bother. Maintaining your car and keeping it in tip-top shape is easy with the help of our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte! However, there may come a time when you want do some DIY auto repairs or you’re out of town and need to know what’s going on under the hood of your car. In case you’re in need of auto parts help, our Toyota Parts Center in Charlotte is answering your common car part questions.

Car Part FAQs

As a car owner, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of important auto parts, including where they are and what they do. This knowledge can help you determine and diagnose any issue you’re experiencing with your vehicle; thus making it quicker and easier to fix. To help you form this auto part awareness, we had our Charlotte Toyota Parts experts share and answer their most common car part questions!

Question #1: Will a part void the warranty on my car?

This answer to this question is dependent upon where you bought the car and what kind of warranty it is. Typically, buying a part from the manufacturer and at the dealership where you bought the car will help ensure you don’t void the warranty. However, our Charlotte Toyota Parts Center associates recommend double-checking with your warranty terms, as well as your lease agreement if your car has been leased.

Question #2: Is it better to buy OEM parts versus aftermarket parts?

When purchasing car parts, it’s important to consider than you get what you pay for. Aftermarket car parts, auto parts made by third-party companies, are often cheaper and easier to find. However, these parts are not always of the highest quality and may not be durable enough. OEM auto parts, parts from the manufacturer, are more expensive but offer more of a guarantee. OEM parts are sure to fit your vehicle and will often hold up longer.

Question #3: Should I buy new or used car parts?

The answer to this question is similar to the last. By purchasing brand new auto parts, you are guaranteed more reliability and durability. Buying used car parts in Charlotte means that the lifespan on it has already been shortened.

Question #4: Can I buy car parts online?

Yes! More often than not, you will have to purchase Charlotte car parts online because they may not be in stock or a store may not have an exact match for your vehicle. Shopping online may be the only place you’ll be able to find auto parts for older car models, or models that have been discontinued. However, if you’re not too sure of what you’re ordering, it’s best to visit our Toyota Parts Center in Charlotte and have our auto parts experts order the part you need for you!

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